There’s no getting around it. Mastering the skill of identifying the appropriate high CPC keywords is the key to online success.

Keywords are precise terms that internet users put into search engine boxes in order to get the information they require. If your website has these identical keywords at the appropriate density level, you will have a decent chance of ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why High CPC Keywords are important ?

Whether you’re selling your own items, advertising your affiliate links, or encouraging people to join a membership club you’ve created, you’ll need a website to carry out your marketing strategy, and you’ll need visitors to come to your website to enjoy the success that its potentials offer. And the key to attracting a large number of people to your website is to choose the right keywords.

When it comes to online ventures engaged in Pay Per Click (PPC) programs, keywords have a larger influence. Keywords would attract the advertising that PPC systems may assign, and if your visitors clicked on such ads, you would earn a certain amount. Some advertisements pay only $0.05 each click. However, there are certain advertising that pay up to $50.00 each click. How do you ensure that the latter choice is available to you? You must, however, be able to identify the most profitable terms ahead of time.

Get The Most Of High CPC Keywords In Six Steps

Finding profitable, high CPC keywords aren’t tough if you know what you’re doing. Just follow these easy steps to get the most out of it.

Step 1: Find High CPC Keywords In Your Niche.

Look for keywords in your niche that have a high CPC value. To begin, find your keywords utilizing the Google Ads keyword tool or another service that can provide you with niche-specific keyword lists. Save the keywords into a csv file in a spreadsheet software. Enter those keywords into Google’s Traffic Estimator (you will need a Google Ads account). The traffic estimator will provide you with the projected number of clicks per day as well as the average cost per click (CPC) for each term. This information should be copied and pasted back into your spreadsheet file for future reference.

Step 2: Get An Idea Of The Maximum Potential Profits.

To obtain an idea of your maximum profits per click, multiply the average CPC by 30%. The greater the average CPC, the more probable the CPC for the second through eighth spots is also high. You want this higher average CPC to begin because if it begins to go down dramatically after the third spot, your chances of generating big click earnings as an Adsense publisher would be lowered.

Step 3: Calculate The CPC Values For Your Keywords List.

To estimate the CPC values for the first through eighth positions, I use a chrome extension called CPC & CPM Calculator. This tool will estimate CPCs for each position and show you how much CPCs decrease off after the first position. This really aids your investigation in determining the most profitable terms. If the CPC values remain near to each other and to the value of the top position, you will have a lucrative keyword.

Step 4: Determine which Adsense Ads Are In Which Position.

Determine which Adsense adverts are in certain positions now. You may accomplish this by searching for your keywords on Google and observing which Adsense adverts appear in the search results and in what order. The CPC & CPM Calculator tool may also be used to estimate this. It contains a function that dynamically displays Adwords advertising for a certain keywords you enter into the tool to verify. If the Adwords advertiser utilized “Adwords for Content” in his campaign, these advertisements will be the Adsense ads displayed on someone else’s website.

Step 5: Compare Your Keywords List To Already Running Ads.

Compare the findings of the keyword check feature at the PowerAdSpy to the advertisements you identified in step 4. If the ads you uncover in this step closely match those you found in step 4, you’ve found a profitable term.

If the advertisers aren’t the same, it’s possible that the advertiser isn’t employing the “Adwords for Content” style of advertising in his campaigns. This suggests that the term may not be the foundation for Adsense advertisements and may be unprofitable.

Step 6: Drive Traffic To Your Website To Get Adsense Profit.

You must now obtain traffic. If you choose to gain visitors using Adwords, just utilize the keywords that performed well in the preceding evaluation in your Adsense advertising. Then, with your Adwords adverts, choose cheaper cost per click keywords. Your profit will be the difference between the profits from the click on your Adsense word and the cost of the click on your Adwords term.

A effective PPC campaign consists of three key components. These are your website’s page impressions, or the number of unique visitors who load your pages; your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR), or the amount of visitors who click on the advertisements displayed on your website; and your ad CPC. With the correct keywords, you’ll be able to attract advertising with high CPC, and you’ll be able to solve one-third of the problem. What about the other two-thirds? This is when marketing methods come into play.

If you want to employ search engine optimization strategies to drive visitors to the website where your adverts are located, be certain that the keywords you select have the greatest KEI possible. The KEI is the ratio of the number of searches for a term to the number of competing sites that also have the keyword. The best profit returns will be obtained by combining a high KEI with a high score from the aforementioned evaluation.

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